Employee Onboarding Programme

Employee Onboarding Programme

Integrate your new hire to your company culture seamlessly and create lasting bonds

Onboarding and orientation of new employees have changed tremendously due to the pandemic. In fact, Gallup, an American analytics and advisory company, found that 88% of companies don’t have satisfactory onboarding processes (according to their employees).

However, we need to note that having a great onboarding process can GREATLY improve employee retention (a Glassdoor research discovered that proper onboarding processes improves employee retention by 82%) and drive productivity and satisfaction higher. 

Since the pandemic, we are seeing even more relevance on onboarding processes as many of them are done digitally and this presents a challenge for some organisations. While the new hires used to be able to get to know everyone in their team through the daily office interaction or chat sessions during break, with the WFH and hybrid arrangement, that seems to have changed for good.

Our onboarding programme is meant to bridge that gap. We strive to create a seamless onboarding process that will give your employee an opportunity to get to know the people, the culture, and how they can fit in. The best part is, the programme can be conducted 100% online when necessary with similar outcomes.

Main Benefits:

  • Experience and adapt new ways to engage new employees digitally
  • Create remarkable and lasting first impressions to your newly hired employees even in the absence of office tour and face-to-face meetings with teammates 
  • Learn how to engage employees to increase inclusiveness and nurture opportunities for new hires to connect with one another
  • Reassure employees that they made the right decision to join your company 
  • Help employees reach their full potential & productivity quickly
  • Enjoy a collaborative program from Global Engagement Experts

What You Can Expect:

  • An online program to help companies properly introduce new hires to their company and discuss what’s expected and where they belong in the overall goals of the organisation
  • A full 90-day plan designed to help employees 
  • Proven methods that activates the team and builds nurturing environments for individual and group growth 
  • Regular actions that help improve leadership practices 
  • Tips on how to create, recommended, & share new ideas for participant challenges