Are you working for your business, or is your business working for YOU?

Our ‘Why?’

Business Multiplier was founded by Coach Felicia with the mission to help business owners build businesses which can help them achieve their goals in life through proven business coaching programmes.

Our belief is that your business should support your life goals and that you should not have to sacrifice your personal life for your business.

Most business owners start off with big dreams for their business. They then invest a great deal of their time, energy, and money to grow their companies. Many of them end up in the ‘Owner’s Trap’ where they end up trying to juggle managing clients, motivating employees, and growing their profitability, sometimes with not much success. After a number of years, some of them start to suffer from exhaustion, or even burnout

This should NOT be the case.

Our Beliefs

We strongly believe that your business journey should be FUN, FRUITFUL, and FULFILLING. Hence, our business coaching programmes were designed to ensure that YOU will:


Get clarity on your vision, and how to make that vision a reality with solid plans that can accelerate your success, making business FUN.


Implement tangible strategies that can grow your business revenue, profits, and valuation significantly, making business FRUITFUL.


Attract and engage great talents who will grow the business together with you and help you expand your impact, making business FULFILLING.

Who we work best with?

As business coaches, we work best with business owners with strong desire to

Significantly grow their business revenue and profits by following a proven system

Increase their business value for fundraising or eventual sale/acquisition

Build an engaged and motivated team who can run the business without the owner

Prepare the business for massive expansion, franchising, or licensing, be it locally or overseas

Develop themselves to be better entrepreneurs

Our Partners

Our Clients

If you feel that you fit the bill, we would love to have a chat with you! Schedule a discovery call with one of our coaches today.