4 Ways Business Coaching Can Help You & Your Business

Identify Your Blind Spots

As you get busy running your business, it is sometimes hard to see your own blind spots, which may lead to pitfalls in your business. This is when your business can benefit from a fresh perspective and working with the best business coaches can help you overcome this obstacle strategically. At Business Multiplier we strive to bring you the best proactive solutions to foster growth and establish long lasting success.

Gain Clarity on Your Direction

As the years progress sometimes we feel a little lost. Where is the business headed? Why is it stagnating? If you feel this way, worry not; our business coaching programme can help you gain clarity on where you are headed and build the most ideal path to your end destination.

Accelerate Your Business Growth

“The best investment you can make is in yourself” – Warren Buffett. The best business coaches can help you unleash your full potential as they focus on helping YOU grow, not just your business. A business coach will also accelerate your learning and extend your network.

Ensure You Achieve Your Goals

With a coach, you will have someone to guide you to set empowering goals, hold you accountable, and help you overcome obstacles that may prevent you from achieving these goals.


We combine frameworks from the Value Builder™ system, which measures every business against the 8 key drivers of business value, and the Business Multiplier Coaching system which has been proven to be able to help you MULTIPLY your business revenue, profits, or valuation as quickly as within 12 months.

What We Will Work On?


We understand that businesses at different stages will have different sets of needs for support. No matter which stage you are in, we have something for everyone.

Learn the fundamentals at your own pace

For business owners who are just starting out or those who prefer to learn at their own pace, you will have:

  • Video tutorials based on the Value Builder 8 Key Drivers of Business Value principles
  • Online tools that you can apply on your business
  • Annual estimation of value for your business
  • Email support to guide you in your learning process

Grow your business with like minded entrepreneurs

For owners who prefer to have accountability checkpoints and enjoy journeying with a like-minded community of business owners, this programme includes:

  • A structured step-by-step programme to build your business revenue, profit, and value
  • Guidance from experienced coaches with strong track record of multiplying businesses
  • Full access to the Value Builder™ system with your own personalised dashboard
  • Bi-weekly group coaching & Mastermind meetings with like minded business owners
  • Opportunities for networking and building partnerships with other businesses
  • Ready-to-implement strategies to boost your sales, profits, and productivity of your business

Accelerate your business growth with our signature business coaching programme

For business owners who want to strive for accelerated growth and prefer to have a dedicated business coach guide them in their business:

  • A customised business coaching programme to build your business’s revenue, profit, value, and team
  • A dedicated coach holding you accountable and supporting you to achieve your goals and finding the best strategies for your business
  • Full access to the Value Builder™ system with your own personalised dashboard
  • Bi-weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a focus on outcomes and implementation
  • Access to the coaches’ network for business connections and collaborations
  • Ready-to-implement strategies to boost your sales, profits, and productivity in your business

Address the specific needs of your business

For established businesses with needs in specific areas or requirements for additional support such as: 

  • Building the management team to take over the day-to-day operations from the business owners
  • Transitioning the business from one generation to the next
  • Focusing on just one or two specific areas to improve, such as:
    1. Finance
    2. Marketing
    3. Sales Conversion
    4. Self Leadership & Time Management
    5. Building a Team
    6. Developing SOPs


To find out which programme would suit you best, schedule a discovery call with the best business coaches in Singapore. You can rely on us to make the right recommendations.

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