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Is Your Business Reaching its Maximum Potential?

The Business Multiplier coaches are passionate about helping businesses reach their maximum potential. Most businesses start off well, but stagnate at some point after a growth spree. Our role as business coaches is to ensure that businesses don’t fall into quicksand that hinders their progress. Instead, we extend a helping hand to ensure you achieve sustainable growth.

We understand how important your business is to you. That is why we have crafted some of the best business coaching programmes for you. Join hands with us to reach new heights and realise your company’s full potential.

We believe that your business success should help you accomplish your personal life goals, and that you should not sacrifice your quality of life for the sake of your business.

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What we do

Our team of business coaches is ready to help accelerate your growth. Whether you are a founder of a fast-growing startup, or a business owner of an established SME, our proven business coaching programmes can help you build your business in three key areas:

Profit and revenue keep your business and your people alive. Business Multiplier helps businesses implement strategies that not only grow, but also MULTIPLY profit and revenue.


Your business is your key to freedom, not a prison cell. Increase the VALUE of your business and make it a sellable asset, whether you are planning on selling it next year or when you retire.


The people you work with can make or break your business. Build a motivated, high-performing, and fully engaged TEAM and develop strong LEADERS who can run the business even in your absence.


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Revenue Growth


Team Expansion


Value Increase

Find Out Your Business Value & How to Maximise It

Are you aiming for an eventual sale/acquisition of your business, or planning to build a business that can support your dream life? Our business coaching system will help you to strategically increase your company’s value and make it an asset that will support your personal life goals.

Discover the key drivers of business valuation and how your business measures up against these drivers. 

The Value Builder Questionnaire only takes less than 13 minutes to complete. Just by filling out this questionnaire, you will receive your Value Builder Score, a follow up consultation, and a complimentary estimate of your business’s value.

Why get your Value Builder Score?

Based on our analysis of more than 55,000 businesses, companies with a Value Builder Score of >80 received offers which are 71% higher than the average business. 

Multiple of pre-tax profit offered


We've helped millions of owner create a business that works.

Client Stories

Our clients come from very diverse industries, and they faced different challenges when they first met us. Step by step, we worked out a solution to help the business thrive in a sustainable way. Whether your challenge is related to sales, teamwork, or self management, as your dedicated business solutions consultant, we are poised to support you every step of the way.
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Claudine Fernandez's Testimonial for Coach Felie
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Z L Construction Testimonial Interview with Coach Felie
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Winnie's Testimonial for Coach Felie
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Claudine Fernandez's Testimonial for Coach Felie
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Z L Construction Testimonial Interview with Coach Felie
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Downloadable Resources

Are you still the top salesperson in your company? 

We studied more than 23,000 companies, and we discovered that 40% of business owners are still the main revenue generators for their companies. 

The issue with this scenario is that revenue eventually stagnates and the business value will hit a ceiling. 

Download our eBook to find out the solution to this problem and how you can transition from being your own best employee to a true director of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Multiplier offers a unique blend of expertise, personalised strategies, and a focus on sustainable growth that not only helps your business grow but also aligns with your personal life goals. Our coaches are dedicated to ensuring that your business does not stagnate but instead achieves exponential success.

If your business is experiencing stagnation, facing challenges in growth, or if you feel that it is not reaching its maximum potential, it may be time to consider a business coach.

There are no strict prerequisites for joining our coaching programmes. We work with businesses of all sizes and stages of development, tailoring our approach to meet your specific needs and goals.

Yes, Business Multiplier’s coaching programmes are highly customisable to fit the specific needs and challenges of your industry. Our experienced coaches have worked with businesses across diverse sectors and will tailor strategies and solutions to ensure they are relevant and effective for your particular industry.

Our coaching programmes are flexible and adaptive. If your business goals change, we will work with you to reassess and realign our strategies to ensure that the coaching remains effective and relevant to your evolving needs.

The success of our coaching programmes can be measured through various key performance indicators, including revenue growth, profitability, team performance, and overall business valuation. We will work with you to establish clear metrics and track progress throughout the coaching journey.

Yes, we provide comprehensive post-coaching support and follow-up to ensure the long-term success of your business. After the initial coaching program, we continue to offer guidance and support to help you implement and sustain the strategies and improvements made during the coaching process. This ongoing support helps to solidify the gains and address any new challenges that may arise.

Prefer to talk to someone?

When facing complex challenges, it's best to consult a seasoned business coach who understands your unique needs. Our experts are here to listen, strategise and help you and your business reach great heights.

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