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Success in sales is typically measured by the ability to consistently meet and exceed set targets and goals. This article will look at the vital role that sales coaching systems play in reaching these goals. It highlights how effective sales coaching offers not just guidance but also the essential motivation and accountability that sales professionals need to thrive and excel in their roles. By providing a structured framework and continuous support, sales coaching helps individuals and teams navigate challenges and stay focused on their objectives, leading to improved performance and success.

Understanding Goal-Oriented Selling

Goal-oriented selling focuses on setting and striving towards specific, measurable objectives. Unlike traditional sales methods that may emphasise volume or process, this approach prioritises outcomes and results. It involves identifying clear targets, creating actionable plans, and measuring progress toward these goals. This method not only provides a clear direction for sales efforts but also helps in evaluating the effectiveness of strategies and tactics employed.

The Role of Sales Coaching in Goal Achievement

Sales coaching is a dynamic process aimed at improving performance by providing personalised guidance and support. In the context of goal-oriented selling, coaching becomes an invaluable tool for reinforcing sales objectives and driving individual and team performance. Through regular sessions, a sales coach can help team members understand their goals, develop strategies to meet them, and identify and overcome obstacles. Key components of effective sales coaching include setting realistic but challenging targets, offering constructive feedback, and fostering an environment of accountability and continuous learning.

Strategies for Implementing Goal-Oriented Selling Through Coaching

Implementing goal-oriented selling through a sales coaching system requires a structured approach. Sales managers and coaches should start by ensuring that each team member understands the overall business objectives and how their individual goals align with these. Effective strategies include setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, developing personalised action plans, and using data and analytics to track progress. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions are crucial for addressing any issues promptly and adjusting strategies as needed. Additionally, recognizing and celebrating achievements can boost morale and motivate the team to continue striving towards their targets.

Common Challenges in Goal-Oriented Selling and How to Overcome Them

Despite its advantages, goal-oriented selling can present challenges such as unrealistic goal setting, lack of motivation, and resistance to change. To overcome these obstacles, sales leaders should ensure goals are realistic and attainable, based on a thorough analysis of past performance and market conditions. Motivation can be enhanced by involving salespeople in the goal-setting process and linking achievements to tangible rewards. Addressing resistance to change involves clear communication about the benefits of goal-oriented selling and providing the necessary training and support to adapt to new methods. Additionally, fostering a supportive and collaborative team environment can help mitigate resistance and encourage collective effort towards common goals.

Business Multiplier’s Effective Sales Team Coaching System

The journey to achieving and surpassing sales targets is multi-faceted, requiring not just the right strategies but also the right mindset. Goal-oriented selling, underpinned by effective sales coaching, provides a robust framework for sales teams aiming to elevate their performance. By setting clear, measurable objectives and fostering an environment of accountability and support, sales professionals can navigate the challenges and triumph in the competitive market.

For sales teams looking to enhance their goal attainment and foster a positive, productive culture, Business Multiplier’s Effective Sales Team Coaching System is only the sales coaching programme you need. This comprehensive programme is tailored to empower sales teams to surpass their targets through heightened engagement and accountability. Unlike conventional training focused solely on sales techniques, our business coaches holistically address both the mindset and the skill set required for effective selling. The program’s success lies in its unique methodology, which not only aims to improve sales performance but also transforms the team culture into one that is collaborative, goal-oriented, and driven by mutual success. 

By focusing on both the psychological and practical aspects of selling, businesses can unlock their teams’ full potential and embark on a path of sustained growth and success. Participants of the programme have reported consistent achievement of sales goals, a marked increase in team accountability, and a shift from individual competition to a supportive, collective effort towards common objectives. 

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In the modern business world, remote and hybrid work arrangements have become the new norm. While these setups offer flexibility and efficiency, they also bring unique challenges for teams and leaders to navigate. To deal with these challenges and emerge even stronger, team coaching can be a valuable and perhaps even essential tool for the remote workplaces of today.

The Rise of Remote and Hybrid Work 

Although the technology needed to support remote work has existed for some time, it was very much a niche concept until the COVID-19 pandemic, which catalysed its widespread adoption. Although it is not a necessity anymore, many organisations have embraced the practice, either by becoming fully remote, or by adopting hybrid models, blending remote and in-office work. These changes have revolutionised the way we work, but they also demand new strategies to ensure teams remain cohesive and productive.

The Need for Team Building in Singapore 

Amid these shifts, team building takes on added significance. Building strong teams is not just about in-person interactions; it’s about fostering collaboration and trust across both physical and virtual boundaries. This is where corporate team coaching becomes invaluable.

Unlocking the Potential of Team Coaching 

In remote and hybrid work settings, team coaching—under the direction of a qualified business coach or business consultant—offers a structured approach to improving team dynamics and performance. Here’s how it can benefit your organisation

  1. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

One of the most significant challenges in remote work is effective communication. Remote teams often rely on digital communication tools, which can lead to delayed responses and difficulties conveying tone and emotion. Collaborating on projects, brainstorming, and spontaneous discussions are also seen as less effective in remote settings. But with a professional team coaching program you can equip your workforce with the right tools to bridge the spatial gaps and collaborate seamlessly

  1. Enhancing Employee Engagement in Virtual Teams

Engaging remote employees can be a significant challenge, as the physical isolation can lead to disengagement. Team coaching fosters engagement by creating a sense of belonging and purpose, directly addressing distance and loneliness often experienced by remote workers. 

  1. Motivation and Professional Growth

Remote work brings unique challenges such as a potential lack of accountability, and the need for self-motivation. A succession planning module within your team coaching program will help not only in providing opportunities for professional development within your team, but also ensure the growth and stability of your company by creating a new generation of leaders. By identifying very important positions in the organisation and creating a talent pipeline, you can prepare employees to fill vacancies in your organisation as others retire or move on.

  1. Strengthening Leadership in a Virtual World

Managing a remote team requires a different skill set than traditional leadership. Leaders must motivate and manage remote teams effectively, overcoming difficulties related to management and accountability. Team coaching focuses on leadership development tailored to remote and hybrid work environments, ensuring that leaders are equipped to address these specific challenges.

  1. Tailored Solutions for Remote and Hybrid Work

Every remote or hybrid team faces unique challenges, such as managing work-life balance issues, time zone differences, or simply learning to use new digital tools. A business consultant leading your team coaching program tailors solutions to your specific remote and hybrid work needs, directly addressing these challenges. 

Getting Started with Team Coaching 

Embarking on a team coaching journey begins with a clear understanding of your team’s current dynamics and your organisation’s goals. Here are some steps to get started:

Assessment: Evaluate your team’s strengths and areas for improvement. Identify the remote or hybrid work challenges you are facing.

Consultation: Engage a  reputable team building company in Singapore that specialises in team coaching for remote and hybrid teams. They will work with you to design a customised program that aligns with your business objectives in virtual work environments.

Implementation: Roll out the team coaching program, ensuring that it addresses your remote and hybrid team’s specific needs and provides actionable strategies for improvement in virtual work settings.

Continuous Improvement: Team coaching is an ongoing process. Regularly assess progress and make adjustments as needed to meet the evolving demands of virtual work, including addressing security concerns and professional development opportunities.

Specialised Team Coaching for Every Company with Business Multiplier

As your business navigates the intricacies of these evolving work environments, consider how you could benefit from a professional team coaching program. At Business Multiplier, a leading team building company in Singapore, we are dedicated to boosting the growth of your company. Don’t let the difficulties of remote work hold you back. With enhanced communication, employee engagement, leadership development, business succession planning, and customised solutions,  our program is your key to unlocking the full potential of your remote and hybrid teams. 

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If you are a business owner, you know that running a successful business takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. But what if you could achieve your business goals without sacrificing your personal life? This is where the expertise and insights of  good business coach can come in handy. The best business coaches can help you to develop a clear vision for your business, create a strategic plan to achieve your goals, and overcome the challenges that you are  facing.

Business Multiplier is a business coaching company in Singapore founded by Coach Felicia. Coach Felicia is a passionate advocate for helping business owners achieve their goals without sacrificing their personal lives. She strongly believes that the core of your business should support your life goals, not the other way around. She assists her clients in creating businesses that align with their values and provide the freedom and flexibility to live the life they desire.

Success Story 1: Young Hungry Free 

Winnie Ong is the founder of Young Hungry Free, a Singapore-based fashion label. In 2020, Young Hungry Free grew by 220% compared to the previous year. Ong credits her success to the guidance of Coach Felicia, who helped her develop a clear vision for her business, and build a high-performing team – “The team now takes care of the business so I can focus on my role.” 

Success Story 2: Artistic Strategies Academy 

Claudine Fernandez is the founder of Artistic Strategies Academy, an English writing school that helps develop the creative skills of young writers through the arts (drama, movement, visual arts, clay-making, and more). After almost a year of working with Business Multiplier, she has increased enrollment, tripled the revenue of Artistic Strategies Academy, and is also running classes in multiple venues instead of just one.

Success Story 3: Z L Construction 

Jake Yeoh is the director of Z L Construction, an interior renovation company in Singapore that specialises in wetworks, carpentry and Universal Design. During the Circuit Breaker (lockdown) period in 2020, Yeoh’s business was struggling. However, with the help of Coach Felicia, Jake was able to continue closing multiple renovation deals and achieve 30-40% growth compared to the same time the previous year.

Benefits of a Business Coaching Program 

There are many benefits to working with a business coach. Here are just a few:

Set and achieve your goals: A business coach can help you set clear and achievable goals for your business or career. They can also help you to develop a well-defined plan to achieve your goals and stay on track.

Identify and overcome challenges: A business coach can help you identify the challenges and obstacles that are holding you back from achieving these goals. They can also help you develop strategies to overcome these challenges.

Improve your skills and knowledge: A business coach can help you  develop the skills and knowledge that will improve your own performance, as well as guide and mentor your employees.

Build a stronger team: A business coach can help you build a stronger team by helping you  develop your leadership skills and create a positive work environment.

Partner with Business Multiplier for the Best Business Coaching Program in Singapore 

At Business Multiplier, we firmly believe that success shouldn’t come at the cost of your personal life. A good business coach or business consultant can be your guiding light towards achieving extraordinary results in your business. The insights, strategies, and support provided by a seasoned coach can pave the way for significant business growth. Are you ready to take the first step to embark on a journey of business and personal growth?  Partner with the best business coach at Business Multiplier today, and unlock the limitless potential that lies within you.


In the daily hustle of running a business, you are often immersed in all the little operational details, making it difficult for you to see certain inefficiencies or areas that need  improvement within your business. Oftentimes, a fresh perspective is all that is required to provide the clarity needed to perceive the numerous potential avenues for growth and success within your business.

This is where the expertise of a reputed  business consultant or business coach comes in. The best business coaches come with a wealth of business acumen and can offer fresh insights and pinpoint issues that might go unnoticed otherwise. Let’s explore how these experts can help drive your organisation forward, whether you are a startup aiming to establish a foothold or an established enterprise striving for greater heights. 

Navigating Complex Challenges

Business consultants and coaches act as navigators, expertly guiding companies through intricate challenges. From operational inefficiencies to market uncertainties, consultants leverage their deep expertise and industry insights to detect problems, identify the root causes, and then give you a tailored solution to deal with them. 

Fresh Perspectives and Creative Solutions

A key benefit of a skilled business solutions consultant is the ability to offer fresh perspectives and creative remedies. Organisations entrenched in routines may overlook innovative approaches or new opportunities. An expert business coach can give you an external viewpoint, revealing any blind spots and potential areas of improvement. 

Customised Strategies for Growth

In the complex and fickle realm of business, a one-size-fits-all approach will rarely deliver good results, and this is why a dedicated business consultant or a business coach offers a unique advantage. Each organisation possesses its own unique challenges and goals, so a good business consultant or business coach will tailor their strategies to align with these specific needs and targets. It could be for devising market entry strategies or for streamlining supply chains; depending on your business and your vision for its future, business consultants and coaches create tailor-made solutions that foster lasting growth.

Data-Driven Decision Making

In a world driven by data, it would be irresponsible to ignore its potential. Business consultants and coaches are able to utilise vast datasets to extract meaningful insights that can then be used to make informed decisions. They analyse things like market trends, financial indicators, consumer behaviour, and other vital data to inform their recommendations. This data-driven approach ensures decisions are rooted in evidence, not guesswork, and by leveraging data analytics, consultants empower organisations to make calculated choices that minimise risks and optimise results.

Development  and Transformation

Change is a constant in today’s business world. Implementing technologies, overhauling processes, or navigating restructurings can be daunting. Online business consultants and coaches are able to guide companies through these transformations. They can devise management strategies to facilitate seamless transitions. Expert business coaches ensure that change initiatives are not only effective but also embraced by the workforce—reducing disruptions and maximising outcomes.

Crisis Management 

While businesses can prepare for changes in the marketplace, unexpected crises can often emerge without warning. In these cases as well, a business consultant or coach can use their knowledge and expertise to guide the actions of a company during this time, allowing a company to navigate challenges while safeguarding its reputation and stability. A comprehensive crisis management strategy not only addresses immediate issues but also lays the foundation for long-term recovery and growth.

Mentoring and Skill Enhancement

In addition to offering solutions and strategies, business consultants and coaches also serve as mentors. They can impart their knowledge and experience to the workforce of a company, driving professional growth, and leaving a lasting impact long after the consultant’s tenure ends. By equipping internal teams with new tools and perspectives, consultants empower organisations to independently tackle future challenges.

Succession Planning for New Leaders 

By mentoring and training your staff, business consultants and coaches also prepare them to take on new responsibilities. Succession planning is a  proactive approach to ensuring a smooth transition of leadership, safeguarding your company’s continuity and growth in the long term. A well-crafted succession plan helps identify and develop the next generation of leaders, ensuring they seamlessly step into key roles when the time comes.

Collaboration for Success: Partner with Business Multiplier

The role of a business consultant or a business coach extends beyond advice; it’s a collaboration to shape your company’s future. From fostering innovation to crafting tailored strategies, consultants are the drivers of transformation. Their diverse skill set and fresh outlook invigorate organisations, empowering them to reach unparalleled success. In an era demanding adaptability and growth, partnering with a skilled business consultant or coach is a strategic move that propels companies towards an accomplished and excellent future.

If you are looking for an experienced business consultant or business coach in Singapore, partner with Business Multiplier, your dedicated partner for growth and transformation. Contact us today to embark on a journey of exponential growth.


As business owners, ask yourselves this: what is your role in the business? Are you taking up one or two roles? Or as an owner, you’re filling the shoes of three or more roles or positions in your business?

When a business is too dependent on the owner, the chances of it surviving in the case of a long absence is very slim. Besides the increased risks when the business is very dependent on the owner, it’s also very suffocating for the business owner and can hinder a lot of growth opportunities for the business.

Another problem owners can face if the business is dependent on them is how acquisition is made difficult. Investors and buyers often shy away from businesses that are dependent on the owners knowing the dangers of buying a company that heavily relies on the owner for its operations.

Whether it’s longevity or acquisition, it’s important for business owners to structure their business in a way that it’s not too dependent on them and can function even in their absence or exit in the future. While this is the ideal scenario, some business owners can easily overlook or miss out the signs.

Here are 5 warning signs to look out for:

1. You are the only signing authority of your business

While it’s common for business owners to be the “final” authority to sign documents and make it official, what happens if they’re unexpectedly away for days, months, or maybe even years? Does everything stop during your absence?

It’s important for business owners to have a “trustee” in their organisation to sign documents on their behalf. Consider sharing privileges and signing power as this simple gesture can easily save your business from trouble during your absence.

2. Your revenue is flat when compared to last year’s

When your revenue is flat compared to last year’s, this could be a sign that you are a hub in a hub-and-spoke model. Even if you want to push more or generate more revenue, a business owner, no matter how skilled, can only work within their capacity. Even if you are efficient and put in all your hours in the business, there is no guarantee that you can extend outside of your capacity.

A simple “fix” for this is to push products that does not require personal involvement. Narrow down product/service offers selling fewer things to more people. 

3. Your vacations do not feel like vacations 

Do you find yourself still on your phone, tablet, or laptop even on vacations? Or is your mind not present on the vacation destination but rather on your business and you spend the bulk of your “vacation” worrying about your business?

This is an obvious sign that your business is dependent on you. While we understand that business owners can get very dedicated to their business, there is also a point where it’s unhealthy both for the owner and the business.

Try taking a day-off and measure how your business performed during that day. Did it still maintain operations or did your absence impact the operations? If your absence impacts your day-to-day operations, then it’s time to build a structure and system that keeps your business functioning even in your absence so you can allow yourself and the business to thrive even when you’re on days-off, vacations, or emergency leaves.

4. You know all of your customers by their first names 

While it’s good to know your market and customers, being the glue that sticks together your business and your market isn’t exactly a good sign. If your business’s market relies heavily on their personal relationship with you as a business owner, then chances are your business won’t survive in your absence.

A good way to turn this around is to build a strong sales team that’s highly trained so they can manage the sales aspect of your business. This will save you and your business in the future as your sales can sustain itself even without your supervision creating growth opportunities for your business. 

5. You get cc’d in more than five e-mails in a day

As your business grows, your email inbox would probably be popping with business emails left and right. 

If your team constantly cc’s you in emails, it can be a sign that the people involved need your approval in every action. This means that in your absence, some of the activity can be put on hold and this isn’t exactly a good thing. 

Delegate tasks and build your team to be independent in running the business while only involving yourself in emails that actually need your presence.

60 minutes

In a study conducted with over 20,000 businesses, it was found that 40% of businesses are actually sharing this one thing: business owners are the primary Rainmakers.

What is a “Rainmaker”? A Rainmaker is a revenue driver for the business. Most businesses actually have their business owners as the primary rainmaker. While this sounds very promising, relying on business owners as the primary rainmakers can actually be, at one point, unhealthy for your business.

After that initial growth spurt from the business owners being the primary rainmakers, hitting a plateau is a common occurrence. Once that ceiling is hit, businesses find themselves in a stagnant state, and some may even start to decline.

What is a Rainmaker?
A rainmaker is someone who brings in and generates income and profit for a business. Most businesses in its early stages rely on business owners to be the primary rainmaker. This is because business owners know the business best from its products/services, operations, people, market, and all the way to the clients.

While not all businesses heavily rely on business owners as the primary profit generator, a whopping 40% do. Almost half of businesses rely on the owners/founders as the primary rainmaker.

What Categories Make a Business Owner the Rainmaker?
There are two questions we ask business owners to evaluate if they are the main rainmakers for their businesses:
1. How much of the company’s revenue are you personally generating?
2. Do you know all the names of your customers?

Based on these questions, we can easily tell whether a business owner is a rainmaker or not. If the answer to the first question is 75% or above, this would mean that the business owner is the core of the economic performance of the business. This isn’t uncommon though as business owners tend to know their product and services very well so naturally, they can pitch it the best.  

For the second question, if the business owner knows all the names of their customers, then this displays the business owner’s exceptional skills at developing and maintaining customer relationships. 

The Rainmaker’s Dilemma
You might wonder “why is it not good to have a business owner be the rainmaker”. If the business is getting profit, even if it’s being driven by the business owner, why is it then a “dilemma”?

Through analysing businesses that stagnated at one point, we found one common feature they all shared: It’s relying on business owners as the primary driver for revenue. Sure, in order to guarantee the health of a business, it’s important to have someone bring in the revenue and in the early stages, a business owner that can drive revenue will help the business evolve (because of the profit it drives and brings).

At some point however, business owners find themselves stuck with profits and revenues not moving at all. This is a deadly position to be in, especially for a business who’s already packed quite the momentum.

If your goal is to increase company value, addressing the “rainmaker’s dilemma” is crucial. If more than 75% of the businesses’ economic activity heavily relies on the business owner, the business owner’s absence would mean the company would not survive (and this, ultimately, affects the company value).

Thankfully, the rainmaker’s dilemma is not driven by the lack of expertise but rather the lack of time. Since time is finite, the more a business grows, the less it gets and to a business owner who’s the primary rainmaker for a business, this means that less and less is being done while it consumes the time. By addressing this problem and recognising the dilemma, you are one step ahead of solving this problem and possibly avoiding it in the future.

How to Address and Solve the Rainmaker’s Dilemma
The solution to this dilemma is shifting and evolving from a rainmaker to an “architect”. Don’t worry, you don’t have to run it back and get a degree in architecture! “Architect” is a term used to describe business owners who designs, implements, and develops sales processes and marketing structures that work even when the business owner is absent.

We go back to the two questions from our value builder questionnaire:
1. How much of your company’s revenue do you (business owner) generate?
2. Do you know all your customers by name?

An architect drives 0% of the revenue of the company. Instead of pouring energy into trying to do the sales, an architect instead creates a structured sales plan that engages all team members to actively drive revenue and sales for the business.

On the second question, instead of a business owner busy trying to maintain and create new clients, an architect shifts the mindset of micromanaging this aspect of the business to instead designing an escalation plan, staff training, and implementing latest technology that simplifies the processes and makes customer relationship management a lot more controllable. 

In this ebook, you can take away the following:

  • What are the defining characteristics of a Rainmaker 
  • Common problems rainmakers 
  • Quantitative evidence that analyses the relationship of Rainmakers and company value 
  • Negative impacts Rainmakers have on receiving an acquisition offer 

9 strategies on how you can transform and transition from a “Rainmaker” to an “Architect”

If you feel like you are the primary rainmaker as a business owner but want to shift to an “architect”, you are more than welcome to consult with us! Please click here if you want to book a call and see how you can transform from a rainmaker to an architect. 


Coaching has always been an integral part of useful strategies to help level up your business. Even in the time of pandemic and uncertainty, business coaching stands uncontested in terms of usefulness as businesses rely on coaches to get useful tips on how they can overcome their challenges and scale their business.

With the shifts in the market and the way people build their business since the pandemic started, it might raise a question as to how relevant business coaching is in 2022. In this article, we’ll walk you through on how business coaching can be one of the most effective strategies to help you scale your business.

1. Stay up to Date with Latest Business Strategies Through Coaching

Business coaches are professionals who go through training and education to be certified coaches. Through their training, they learn to be leaders with effective coaching skills to yield results for the business owners/organisations that they are coaching.

It is also the norm for business coaches to have extensive backgrounds in different industries. Different coaches have different specialties and field expertise and part of what makes them so efficient in what they do is their background and experience in different industries.

Lastly, business coaches also invest in updating their arsenal. Being a coach means investing your time (and sometimes even resources) on courses and on materials that make your coaching more effective. Business coaches typically bring their fresh ideas and knowledge that can give your business a boost with new strategies and solutions. One of the best ways to scale your business to the next level is to keep updated with relevant strategies or methods that you can start implementing within your organization and having someone to hold you accountable for it to ensure you drive results.

2. External Perspective is Equally as Important in 2022

While some organisations can still flourish without external help, plateau is a pretty common scenario for growing businesses. After the initial growth spurt, many businesses find themselves hitting a glass ceiling without any obvious reasons.

Owners and managers can find themselves going in circles trying to identify what may be causing this plateau. Even with time and maximum effort put into this, sometimes you can still be left with no clue as to why this is happening in your organisation.

This is where external coaches come to play. Sometimes, a fresh perspective is exactly what you need to see holes and how you can address them. Relying solely on internal perspective can easily result in developing blind spots over time. When coaches give a fresh unadulterated perspective as an external neutral party, this can open up growth opportunities for your business .

3. Business Coaches are Result Oriented

How often have you received advice from others that either did not get implemented or did not yield any positive outcome for your business?

Business Coaches take their time to learn about their clients’ businesses and present them with strategies which are aimed to generate tangible results. When it comes to coaching and giving advice, the best business coaches focus on the lowest hanging fruits; the most practical course of action that can show results. They take into consideration important aspects of their client’s business like financial standing, sales process, niche, people strategy, and other matters to give the most practical advice that will help businesses scale.

As their own success depends largely on the results they generate, business coaches will definitely be focused on driving the outcomes that their clients want to see.

Still Unsure How It Can Help Your business? Consult with a Business Multiplier Coach

The best way to know if getting a coach on board to your business would benefit you is to consult with a coach. Lucky for you, here at Business Multiplier, we offer an initial consultation free of charge. These initial diagnostics will help you see where you are at and where you could potentially go in business. Click Below if you want to book a consultation and see how your business can be improved